Supper fine Wollastonite Powder
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    Introduction of ultrafine wollastonite powder:

    Our company imported from abroad ultra-fine processing equipment - air flow ultra-fine grinder, can process all kinds of non-metallic mineral ultra-fine products. It can meet the needs of 800-2000 users and customers. Our company's production of ultra-fine powder, with its perfect particle size distribution curve (that is, the maximum amount of fine powder) has won the praise of many domestic and foreign customers, domestic demand and export volume increased year by year.

    This product is mainly used in high-grade coatings, high-standard paper, high polymer high-tech engineering plastics, high-grade porcelain glaze and other industries. It can replace titanium dioxide, lithopone, Zinc Oxide and so on. It can greatly reduce the cost.

    The granularity (800 mesh /15um-2500 mesh /5um) has a pass rate of more than 92%.


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